Monday, January 16, 2012

New week, new menu!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! My husband and I were highly productive since we painted our master bathroom, hung some curtains and returned a few items to Bed, Bath, and Beyond that just weren't right that we had bought in a rush. We also found some time to celebrate my Hubby's birthday which is on Thursday. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse on Sunday- something we wouldn't normally do since we hate chain restaurants (but we had a coupon, OK?)- and we had a really, very good meal. He had a ribeye and I had my beloved prime rib. So delicious!

OK, so I have a yummy menu planned for you all this week. I had anticipated posting this yesterday, but with all the running around we did, there just wasn't time. Because of that, I will just be posting this week's menu and not the corresponding shopping list for the week since I'm sure most of you do your shopping over the weekend. If you would like any shopping lists for any one of these meals (or the whole week!) feel free to ask and I'll send it right over to you. :)

Week of 1/16-1/20 Menu (Hubby's Birthday week!)

Monday: The Best Beef Stew (courtesy of Cook's Illustrated Magazine)
Tuesday: Chicken Tacos (Taco Tuesday!)
Wednesday: Orange Chicken
Thursday: Stromboli
Friday: Juicy Lucy Hamburgers (Freezer Friday!)

I hope some of these sound intriguing to you. I look forward to sharing these recipes with you this week!

I will post the Beef Stew recipe shortly- be sure to look out for that!

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